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PENNSYLVANIA WEDDINGS features Barbara Kavchok editorial in their latest edition

It is truly the era of online publications. We've traded leafing through the latest magazines for scrolling and when it comes to anything bridal, the internet seems to be the first place brides will go. Maybe it is out of convenience, maybe it's because there's nothing special about the magazine on your supermarket shelves. However, for brides-to-be looking for inspiration and ideas- the latest issue of Pennsylvania Weddings may change your mind about bridal magazines.

First of all, this is the most aesthetically pleasing magazine you will ever come across. The velvety matte cover, thick pages, the gorgeous layout and design...perfection. It doesn't seem right to call it a magazine when it has the artistry and quality to rival a coffee table book. (I may have my copy sitting on my coffee table right now...)

Then there's the writing. The author of our feature so beautifully captured who we are and what we do, by conveying our love of creating wearable art, our brides, and this industry. Every article in the magazine is written with just as much talent and they are a joy to read.

We were so excited when Pennsylvania Weddings magazine reached out to feature us in their second edition. It's sort of like that scene in "13 Going on 30" when Jennifer Garner pitches the idea about wanting to see the people she knew in the pages of magazines. The magazine not only features vendors and real weddings throughout the state, but supports the LGBTQ+ community and showing diversity among them. We're proud to be a Pennsylvania-based brand and we love seeing our friends in the industry and our brides featured.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Pennsylvania Weddings ASAP!

Image by Samantha Jay Photography


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