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A wedding dress is much more than just a dress. It's symbolic and holds so much meaning in every fiber. It makes a statement about who you are and what you hope for tomorrow, allowing you to share your story with future generations as they look back on your wedding photos.  

I believe fashion is fine art. It shouldn’t be disposable or mass-produced by machines in factories. It should be cared for, paid attention to, and honored in a way that authentically represents the person wearing it. It should tell a story, YOUR story. 

Fashion is the embodiment of artistic self-expression in which the wearer becomes the art. 
Through the artistry, craftsmanship, and unique talents of our team, we create one-of-a-kind pieces for each client so that when they step into their dress, they become the art. 

It sounds like a luxury that is reserved only for the rich and famous, but I believe every bride should be able to enjoy expressing their individuality through fashion on their wedding day. It should be a luxury accessible to everyone. 

My purpose is to create pieces of wearable art that encourage self-expression, inspire creativity, and hold meaning behind every stitch. I want to inspire brides to look and feel like the best version of themselves on their wedding day. 


After all, your wedding is a moment so meaningful. Your dress should be too. 


-xoxo Barbara

As a close-knit team, our goal is to provide the artistry and craftsmanship, combined with all of our unique talents, to help our clients feel understood through pieces of wearable art.

Our Philosophy
Our Values




Inclusivity should be a given, not an added bonus. We design for EVERY bride regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion, background, size, gender identity, gender expression, or anything else that makes us unique. We welcome those in the LGBTQIA+ community because we believe love is love. 


We offer endless customization options, inclusive sizing or made-to-your-measurements, and the ability to work directly with our team for a personalized and accommodating experience. Our top priority is ensuring you look and feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day.

In a fast-paced world that is often not so authentic, it’s very important to us that we remain true to who we are. We have a humanistic approach when it comes to our brand by designing with the bride in mind and working with our brides to create the wedding dress that makes them feel beautiful. 

Our team is paid fair wages and handcrafts each dress with care from the first cut to the final stitch in our Bethlehem, PA studio. We believe in ethically sourcing materials, hand-selecting our partners, and sourcing as many textiles made in the USA as we can.


We value the creative freedom to design the gowns we are inspired to create. The trends do not dictate our designs. You’ll never find us advocating for things we don’t believe in or being dishonest.



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We hand-craft each wedding dress in our Bethlehem, PA studio instead of outsourcing our production for cheaper and faster options in another country. Fast fashion continues to negatively impact both people and our environment, so we value our slow-fashion method for both ethical and sustainable reasons. 


Other ways we practice sustainability is through a zero-waste design process that includes reusing each scrap of fabric and incorporating it into new designs, banning the use of harsh chemicals in our design process, and always finding new ways to reduce or offset our carbon footprint. We want to make the Earth a better place, one dress at a time.

Born into bridal, Barbara established her brand in 2016 and continued the legacy...

Continuing the Legacy


The story of a mother-daughter legacy begins with Eugenia Couture, a successful and highly sought-after bridal brand run by her mother. Barbara grew up immersed in the bridal industry, designing dresses for her paper dolls and Barbies while watching Eugenia create gowns for many beautiful brides over the years. 


After receiving her degree in Fine Art from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Barbara decided to return to what she felt was her true calling: continuing her mother's legacy. She worked as an apprentice, eventually taking over as Chief Designer before establishing her own brand in 2016. 


Staying true to her roots (as her mother Eugenia taught her), each dress that leaves the Pennsylvania studio is hand-crafted & made from nothing but the finest materials.   

Eugenia Couture Editorial features through the years. 


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