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As a close knit team, our mission is to provide the artistry and craftsmanship, combined with all of our unique talents, to help our clients feel understood through pieces of wearable art. 



At Barbara Kavchok, we believe inclusivity should be a given, not an added bonus. We are sure to always offer inclusive customization and sizing options for brides of all shapes, sizes or backgrounds.


Not only are our gowns made out of our studio in Bethlehem, PA, but we also have a zero waste design process that includes reusing each scrap of fabric and incorporating it into new designs, banning the use of harsh chemicals in our design process, and using carbon neutral techniques to offset our footprint.

Making the Earth a better place, one gown at a time.


We remain authentic in our design approach by always designing with the bride in mind and hand-crafting our gowns in the USA. Our team is paid fair wages, we hand select our partners, & we always put our bride first. 


The story of a mother-daughter legacy began with Eugenia Couture & continued with the celebrated & highly sought after label of Barbara Kavchok that was launched in 2016. 

Barbara Kavchok is the perfect balance of creativity & artistry. Staying true to her roots (as her mother Eugenia taught her), each dress that leaves the Pennsylvania studio is hand-crafted & made from nothing but the finest materials. 

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