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An Uncommon
Thread: Fashion
as Fine Art

Fashion is the embodiment of artistic self-expression, in which the wearer participates with and becomes the art.

These Haute Couture gowns and accompanying illustrations are bold portrayals of the fusion between fashion and fine art with a shared thread of symbolism binding them all together. Each gown is both soliloquy and chorus, representing the synergy—and sometimes conflict—between the natural and the artificial world.

As promising innovations in technology and AI are developing and bringing us wonderful new possibilities, they simultaneously threaten our privacy, our environment, and our very humanity. This collection explores the positives and negatives related to this progress.

The heavily-beaded macabre pieces represent not only the death/decay of an old paradigm but also the humanity that continuously struggles to endure and carry through. They are juxtaposed with vibrant florals and sculptural ruffle forms that pay tribute to the natural world and the optimistic view of a new cultural evolution on the horizon.

An Uncommon Thread: Fashion as Fine Art


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An Uncommon Thread: Fashion as Fine Art!

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