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Is a couture wedding gown really out of your budget?

I have worked for Barbara Kavchok Bridal for over 3 years now and when I started here, my answer to the above question, would have been, "Yes." But truthfully, Now that I am educated on the subject, I feel differently and I think it is important to share why.

Most brides in our area are budget focused brides, and rightfully so. Many of those bride’s budget’s fall between $600-$2500 for a dress. So lets pick a figure somewhere in the middle and run with it, We will say $1250.

Did you know that you can get a higher quality, couture gown for the same price as a “Big Box, Cookie Cutter” gown at David’s Bridal?

When you shop at a big box retailer for your wedding dress, you start by providing some images of dresses you like and a budget. Your consultant will then pull some dresses that she believes fit your criteria. For this story's purpose we will assume that you find a dress you like, it is exactly your budget, ($1250). You decide to buy the dress. Now you will place the order, and get measured. You find out you need a custom hemline, the bust needs to be taken in, and you will need a bustle. Now your dress has jumped from a $1250 to an $1800. Truthfully, you aren't completely IN LOVE with your dress.

So, How can you afford a couture gown on a budget? It's Simple. Go to the Designer, Skip the retailer and go straight to the source. A Wedding Dress is a once in a lifetime garment, It should be everything you ever wanted, and still be within budget.

Let's use the same budget as above, but this time, you schedule an appointment at Barbara Kavchok Bridal, (which is Appointment Only, by the way) You come in with your mom and 2 close friends, and you realize you are the only people there, besides the owner, and lead designer, Barbara Kavchok. It is an intimate setting, and you are surrounded by hundreds of beautiful dresses in the studio where they are designed and made. Barbara asks you some questions, "Do you have any particular styles in mind? Do you have a budget?" Etc. After a brief conversation, you browse the racks with her, and you pull some dresses in your budget and style you like. You find a dress you like, but it has straps and you were really hoping for strapless. That is OK, because she can customize the dress for you. You really like the dress once you find out it can be strapless, but there is still something bothering you. You were hoping for some sparkle, and this dress doesn't have any. Barbara walks away for a moment, and comes back with a handful of beading options. She holds them up and shows you the different looks each beading offers and you find the perfect one. That's It! Now if only the skirt was a little less full. Again, Barbara grabs some pins, works her magic, and says, "You mean like this?" This is THE DRESS.

After all the unexpected charges that you have to pay for your dress at those big bridal retailers you end up paying the same, if not more than if you were to go directly to the designer.

This is an amazing design team who went out of their way to make sure that my gown was perfect for my wedding day. They are kind, gracious, and truly care about the brides that wear their gowns! - Katie Shelton

So now, you are in love and you start discussing budget. The sample is $1200 and removing the straps, fullness of the skirt and adding the beading is another $300. Bringing the dress to $1500, but here is the kicker. The alterations, in this case are already included because the dress is being customized for you.

So ultimately, you get the dress you love, with a pleasant experience, for less money than at a big box retailer.

Are you interested in coming to our work room to try on some couture sample? Call us to schedule an appointment today. 610-866-5181

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