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Not Your Grandma's Gown

It took sketches, stitches, and shoots, but we have finally arrived at the other side of the new spring 2023 collection: the debut. It’s the “ta-da” moment, the final crash of the cymbal in a drumroll, and as always it feels amazing. Pop the bubbly, the Modern Heirloom collection is here!

With this collection, I wanted to go in a completely different direction than I did with Secret Garden. The last collection was whimsical, colorful, very “frolicking through a meadow with my lover” vibes. Modern Heirloom is the opposite with its focus on texture, shape, and silhouettes. Also, there isn’t the slightest splash of color (not to say I wasn’t tempted by my paints sitting unused… fine art degree problems).

I’ve recently been asked why I decided to go from playful colorful wedding dresses to a collection of elegant white gowns?

One reason is that I refuse to restrict my designs to one style. I truly love to run free with my creativity and design anything I can envision. Another reason is television. (Well, not really. But also, kind of?)

I love period pieces (The Gilded Age? Bridgerton? Pride and Prejudice? Yes please!). I’m obsessed with the fashion in them. The necklines, the dramatic sleeves, the details, all of it! I wanted to pay homage to those design elements and make them wearable for today’s bride.

The idea behind it is all about cherishing the old while welcoming the new. It’s like taking your great-grandmother's wedding dress and updating it, reinventing the dress with an edge and modern twist. An heirloom, but make it 2023 chic.

-xo Barbara


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