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Behind The Veil: The Making of "Rococo" - The New Fall 2024 Collection By Barbara Kavchok

Your wedding day; one of the most meaningful and memorable moments you experience throughout your life. A day that evokes so much emotion within you and the friends and family surrounding you. A day to celebrate and wholeheartedly embrace every beautiful emotion you feel on a day as incomparable as this. Your wedding day is truly a moment unlike any other, and on a day like this, your wedding dress is your opportunity to make a statement as remarkable as this moment in your life.

I’d like to take you back to a time of captivating structures, timeless extravagance, and dramatic femininity as I give you all a little sneak peek of my Fall 2024 bridal collection:

The Rococo Collection.

My Inspiration

Inspired by the art and architectural style of the same name, Rococo is a collection that embodies lightness, grace, and the art of making a beautifully bold statement in the most effortless way. Rococo, an artistic movement originating in the 18th century, was an extravagant and opulent style characterized by delicate ornamentation, elaborate detailing, and a celebration of femininity. I was deeply inspired by this period for the collection as the Rococo style celebrated embracing beauty, joy, and unabashed romance - making it a perfect source of inspiration to create a statement collection that brings the essence of the Rococo era to modern brides.

Designs & Details

Our Rococo collection showcases a range of gowns carefully crafted to capture the essence of this captivating art movement and the sculptural extravagance that Rococo is renowned for.

The dresses in this collection will feature flowing silhouettes, structured sleeves, and intricate detailing. Soft layers of organza, matte satin, and taffeta create ethereal skirts that cascade gracefully, accentuating every step you take down the aisle. The bodices are adorned with delicate beadwork, painted floral appliques, and decorative brocade, reminiscent of the intricate craftsmanship found in Rococo architecture.

The Rococo bride embraces her femininity with off-the-shoulder necklines, sweetheart bodices, and various detachable details. These dresses highlight the wearer's natural beauty while adding a touch of drama and fearlessness.

The Rococo collection not only pays homage to the art movement but also carries its legacy into the modern era. By blending the timeless elegance of Rococo with contemporary design elements, these dresses are a testament to the enduring allure of this style. They offer brides the opportunity to channel the ethereal beauty and romanticism of the Rococo era while expressing their individuality and personal style.

Through the Rococo Collection, we celebrate the transformative power of art, inviting brides to immerse themselves in a world where their gown embodies all of the bold and beautiful emotions of their wedding day. Whether you dream of a fairytale ballroom wedding or an intimate garden ceremony, the Rococo collection offers a range of designs that will make your wedding dress as unforgettable as the moment.

Step into the world of Rococo and let your bridal journey begin, where timeless extravagance and dramatic femininity merge to create something truly extraordinary.




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