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A Viral Solution...

The bridal world has been in a state of chaos due to the delay of dresses coming from China. But rather than adding to the uproar from the virus, we feel that we have a solution that will soon go viral – dresses that are made in America!

We are an independent designer who designs and produces our gowns in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania so we’ve been very lucky not to have felt any of the short term effects of the China crisis that a lot of other bridal stores & designers are dealing with. Our flagship store, Soliloquy Bridal Couture in Herndon, VA, (who carries solely our gowns) was asked how the Coronavirus in China was affecting their business... And the truth is, right now, it isn't.

This isn't a ploy for more sales, it's not some insensitive comment about the virus, we aren't trying to take brides from other designers... We're simply stating that right now, it's more important than ever to buy things that are made in America.

While the dresses are all made domestically, some of the fabrics and textiles do come from overseas, so if this continues we could see some delays in production because of not being able to order supplies.

It's saddening to hear from brides who know they won't be getting their gowns in time and are rushing to find something else at the last minute. We've accepted a few rush orders already to try and help these brides still feel beautiful and special on their wedding day - And we are sooo grateful that we have the power to do so!

Our close-knit team of women work day in and day out to make sure that the gowns we produce far surpass the level of quality you see in the gowns that are made overseas. They ensure each detail and stitch meet the highest standard of production quality. We love knowing who's hands have made these gowns and the creativity and hard work that goes into each one.

We're especially proud of the way we do things right now because the most important part of this business for us is helping brides, and we're elated we can continue to do that!

For now, we hope brides will join this viral movement and buy from American-made designers. Your wedding dress is safe with us.

- The Barbara Kavchok Team

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