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3 Things to Remember when purchasing a wedding dress

When choosing your dress there are some key things to remember....

We have plenty of experience from the designer point of view, and it may be different than that of the bridal shop.

1. Dont freak out about the bridal sizes

When trying on wedding dresses, you may think you are a certain size, and chances are, you are a few sizes larger. No, you haven't gained weight. Bridal sizes run smaller than regular street clothes. An example of this, Generally, If you wear a size 2 pants, you may may be a Size 8 in Bridal.

vintage measuring tape

2. Altering the dress isn't always the best idea.

When you find a dress you like, but there is something that isn't quite right. You may feel the urge to alter the dress to the way of your choosing. When the alteration is something insignificant, this can be perfectly fine, however when you realize you are changing the whole look of the dress this can cause issues.

You see when you have an idea in your head of how a dress will look, it may not be the same when you receive the finished product, or you may realize after the changes are made that you liked it better the way it was.

Alterations can be a slipp[ery slope. If you are merely altering the neckline, or remving sleeves, then that seems to be minimal. Try to avoid changing the skirt, the neckline, the sleeves, etc all on the same dress, chances are there is a better dress to meet your needs.

Couture Seamstress

3. Getting your gown made to measurements.

Getting your gown made to measurements is a great way to ensure a nice fit, However when you do this, you must be prepared to still need minor alterations to the gown. Each bride carries weight differently, therefore it can be extremely difficult to get it perfect. Expect to have a few stitched needed.

These simple rules could save your dress experience.

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