Goodbye 2020

2020 has BEEN A YEAR!

Let me explain.

Apart from the pandemic and all the fallout as a result, this was the year I opened another Flagship location - literally as the pandemic started. My new Ashville location, London and Lace/ Ashville Collective, had just kicked off it’s grand opening on March 6th, 2020 - insert face palm. Yeah, the timing wasn’t great to say the least.

We were hopeful, though and did everything we could do just to keep our heads above water. No amount of planning could have prepared us for what happened in the subsequent months. As this was happening, I also moved my studio to a new location. We had a wonderful 2019 and were on this fantastic upward trajectory. The new space reflected this growth. Not only is it twice the size but I now have this lovely Bride Room to see local clients - something I had never focused energy on previously. All of this was happening with the pandemic as a backdrop.

I had to pivot, and quickly, because with the scary news of this dangerous Novel virus spreading, how could we focus on much else? There were a few months, between mid March and the beginning of May, that I converted my workroom to a mask making studio. First using muslin and silk scraps, then eventually collecting fabrics donations from local fabric stores and individuals. We made over 5000 masks and mask covers for hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. I vaguely remember cutting and sewing masks while switching between listening to podcasts of Covid news and to Dale Carnegie’s’ How to stop Worrying and Start Living. <