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Goodbye 2020

2020 has BEEN A YEAR!

Let me explain.

Apart from the pandemic and all the fallout as a result, this was the year I opened another Flagship location - literally as the pandemic started. My new Ashville location, London and Lace/ Ashville Collective, had just kicked off it’s grand opening on March 6th, 2020 - insert face palm. Yeah, the timing wasn’t great to say the least.

We were hopeful, though and did everything we could do just to keep our heads above water. No amount of planning could have prepared us for what happened in the subsequent months. As this was happening, I also moved my studio to a new location. We had a wonderful 2019 and were on this fantastic upward trajectory. The new space reflected this growth. Not only is it twice the size but I now have this lovely Bride Room to see local clients - something I had never focused energy on previously. All of this was happening with the pandemic as a backdrop.

I had to pivot, and quickly, because with the scary news of this dangerous Novel virus spreading, how could we focus on much else? There were a few months, between mid March and the beginning of May, that I converted my workroom to a mask making studio. First using muslin and silk scraps, then eventually collecting fabrics donations from local fabric stores and individuals. We made over 5000 masks and mask covers for hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. I vaguely remember cutting and sewing masks while switching between listening to podcasts of Covid news and to Dale Carnegie’s’ How to stop Worrying and Start Living.

It all seems like a blur.

As this insane year is coming to a close and we are optimistic that normal is on it’s way back… I can’t help but reflect on all the lessons I’ve learned.

These can apply to business or just everyday life:

1. Never take anything for granted. I know it’s cliché but this is the year to count your blessings.

Every. Single. One.

2. Be Prepared. Just because things are working out well now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continually plan for the worst. If this year taught us anything, it is that you can never have a “well, that won’t happen to me” moment. Have a back-up plan and a back-up for the back-up… I’m not just talking about toilet paper (although, not a bad idea to have some extra). I mean, make sure you have a buffer or cushion just in case you run into tough times.

3. Take care of your relationships. This goes along with the first lesson. Don’t take people in your life for granted. Be there for them and they will be there for you - even if it is only virtually. Bury the hatchet and reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with. You may never see them again.

4. Create a zoom account and learn how to use it. As much as we hate it, this is the future. Once it’s established that business can go on efficiently this way, most won’t go back to face to face and traditional office spaces.

Whew, there’s so much more to mention but those are the big ones.

For a personal anecdote, my husband is a software engineer. He used to commute to work 40 minutes each way. Now he is permanently working from home. It has become one of the silver linings of this whole time. He can now work with our son who is in the first grade and is there when he gets off the bus in the afternoon. With populations growing and carbon emissions increasing due to workers commuting, it only makes sense to keep this up because it’s less expensive for the employer and better for the environment. Most employees prefer it too.

When it comes to downtime for me, I was able to pick back up some hobbies I forgot to make time for pre Covid.

Running is a form of therapy to me. I ran every single day in order to keep my body and mind clear during this crazy time. If you have never thought of running as a form of relaxation please try it and thank me later. I watched Tiger King and became obsessed like everyone else. I even started to paint again which is a hobby I have left on the back burner since becoming a designer. It was nice to take it back to where it all began.

This pandemic pulled people apart but it also brought people together. I cherish the time I was able to spend with my children and my husband. There really is a silver lining in everything, even one as simple as watching a movie with my kids when I would normally be sewing.

So, what do I want out of 2021? One of my biggest hopes for Barbara Kavchok Bridal in the new year is to connect with more brides - whether local or across the country, I want to establish relationships and learn more about the brides I have the pleasure to work with. I plan to grow my social media presence and be a prominent voice on Instagram, Facebook and even Tik Tok. My goal is to show the real stuff; I want to show what goes on behind the scenes of an intimate bridal atelier and studio in the hearts of downtown Bethlehem. My new space will allow me to engage with more local brides in our Bride Room and learn about their dream wedding dress. My hope is that the new year will bring opportunities to get back to normal - attending trunk shows and NYBFW for example. Who doesn’t miss the hustle and bustle of the city during NYBFW?

The whole reason I became a designer and started my own business is to help brides find their dream wedding dress. My business is constantly growing; I plan to give back and set aside more for charities I feel deserve more attention and have great meaning to me. If 2020 taught me anything, it is that we must care for each other.

I want 2021 to be the year of new beginnings, old traditions and giving back to my community. I think we can all agree the “3..2...1.. Happy New Year” countdown is a sign of hope, for all of us. <3

- Barbara


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