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Getting a Flattering Figure or find a Figure Flattering dress?

Now you’re engaged! You have been dreaming of this day for so long. You have every reason to be excited and one of the first things many girls say is, "I need to get in shape for my wedding day." They start searching a number of fad diets, and exercising relentlessly.

While there is nothing wrong with being in great physical shape, but before you start drinking vinegar and blending beets, remember these tips from the pros. 1. Realistic Expectations

Planning wedding can be incredibly stressful Try not to burden yourself with extra tasks especially a task that maybe unattainable. Countless times we have girls come in who are trying to drop 4 sizes by their wedding day. Being in great physical health is never a bad idea, there’s obviously many benefits. However if you’re trying on wedding dresses and your size 16, you will look significantly different in that same dress at a size 12, and sometimes not for the better. We all lose weight differently some brides to be may lose 4 inches in the bust and only 2 inches in the waste. Thus your figure is a completely different shape than when you tried the dress on. Avoid trying on dresses until you are at a realistic weight.

2. Your fiancé proposed to you just the way you are. Your fiancé proposed to you at the weight you are at now. He loves you regardless, therefore instead of stressing yourself trying to lose as much weight as possible find a shape that works for your body type.

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How to Find the Perfect Dress to flatter your


The Ball Gown

Best for Brides with boyish figures. The fullness of the dress will make you look curvier.

The Mermaid

Best For Brides with hourglass figures who want to show off their curves.

Off The Shoulder

Best for large busted brides. Off-the-shoulder or bateau neckline will draw the eye across and help balance out a full bustline. A defined waistline is a must for your shape. Look for built-in corsets for needed support.

The Sheath

Best for Petite women, since this slim shape adds length. This silhouette also looks great on brides with sleek figures.

The Drop Waist

Best for Brides who want to flaunt their trim middles and shape, since it hugs your waist and hips.

The A-Line

Best for All body types. Especially women with fuller hips. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular skirt silhouettes—it’s super-flattering on almost everyone.

The Goddess

Best for Petite Brides Think toga and invest in a goddess wedding dress with an unbroken line that elongates your frame.

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