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Introducing the Re-branded Eugenia Couture

“Our mission is to always remain on the cutting edge of style in the fashion realm…”

Barbara Joy Kavchok has had great success as the Lead Designer and head of Eugenia Couture for the past several years. As the company has evolved under her leadership it has become more and more apparent that the brand name should manifest the same direction. The “Barbara Kavchok” name and logo are meant to epitomize the new look and feel of the evolving brand. The sleek and modern font more precisely embodies the aesthetic of the product. The logo itself is made with the “B” and “K” letter forms, and is designed in a way to appear like a butterfly. The significance of this is to personify the “metamorphosis” of the Company and the changing artistic direction of the styles. The symbol is also a tribute to Barbara’s Classical Art training in the Sacred Geometry of Golden Section design and composition. Our mission is to always remain on the cutting edge of Style in the fashion realm while still maintaining the essential elements that define and separate our brand from the rest.

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