Fashion- and eco-conscious styles

Zero waste. Closed-loop production. Not words you expect to hear when talking about bridal gowns. But at Barbara Kavchok, this is common practice. Every scrap of fabric is used, not discarded. If any excess material is left over after the creation of a gown, then those bits and pieces are used in the creation of the next masterpiece, maybe to create small embellishments or an all-over texture. Many possibilities, zero waste.

In addition, rather than using the harsh chemicals, dyes, and bleaches that most bridal gowns are made of, Barbara Kavchok sets themselves apart by using domestically-sourced natural materials and innovative techniques. Recycled burlap? Bamboo? Breathtaking? Yes!


Barbara Kavchok…making our Earth a better place, one gown at a time.

Designing for the Green Bride


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